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A Brief History of Good Hope Churches


Good Hope
Freeport, IL

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In 1855 a group people in the community began worshiping together in fellowship, in a small building which came to be known as Good Hope Baptist Church.

The original site of Good Hope Church was located near what is call the “Short Cut Road” and also known by some community members as the “.Straight Road” near Hickory MS.

During the time of slavery, at the original site of Good Hope Church, slaves and slave masters worshipped together in some fashion.

In 1904 Good Hope Baptist Church moved to its present location, on Old Fellowship Road in Hickory, MS

After 1904 Blacks and Whites no longer worshiped together at Good Hope Baptist Church.

The Blacks in the community, now free to assemble, worship and to hold services, attended Mt. Pleasant Black Baptist Church, near Puchuta, MS, some twenty miles away.  “Two days journey by oxen and wagon” Broomsy Salter

The journey each week-end to Puchuta was very difficult, and soon after 1904 plans to build a church was apparent.

In about, 1908 Good Hope Black Settlement Church held its first service.

Philmore Johnson and other members of the black settlement were instrumental in establishing Good Hope Baptist church.

Considering names such as Frank Petre (brother of Philmore Johnson) Lucius Brown (son of Maggie Brown) Sam Gibson (son of GW Gibson) and others, found in records (at what was later to become known by the black community as Old Good Hope) and names found on tombstone in the slave cemetery at the original church site would indicate a link with the two Good Hope Churches, the link is not always clear but the connection seem to be undeniable.  

Information received from Newton County Historical and Genealogical Society, from  Good Hope Black Settlement members, relatives of founders the Salter, the Johnson, the Dawkins, the Tullos, the Gibson ,and the Browns.

 Information colleted from Ms Alline Willimas, long time secatary and records keeper,  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams members, and current Pastor of Old Good Hope Church  Rev. John West.

Good Hope Baptist Black Settlement Church is one of Newton County’s oldest black churches. The exact date of its beginning is difficult to determine.  The 1904-1908 date of what is known at this point  stems from oral history.

On September 25,2005, Old Good Hope Baptist Church will be celebrating its one hundred and fifth year.

- Compiled by Joyce Salter Johnson
July 25,2005


Inside Good Hope Church

Good Hope Church Yard

Good Hope Church 1960